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"Your lenders sent me some amazing auto insurance quotes, I really didn't know which one to pick! I've made my choice and I am ecstatic! My car is protected and my mind is completely at ease."
Applied: Jan 31st, 2009 Approved: Feb 5th, 2009 Roxy, MI
"I needed a vacation really bad, you approved my loan in a matter of days and without any legwork on my part!"
Applied: Apr 8th, 2010 Approved: Apr 12th, 2010 Frederic H
"I got more than I ever expected, you treated me marvelously, and I received many loan offers from your lenders. It was hard to choose, the loans were all very good! I honestly didn't expect such warm and professional service."
Applied: Mar 20th, 2010 Approved: Mar 21st, 2010 Patricia L.
"It is common knowledge that getting an unsecured loan these days is somewhat difficult. But you lived up to your words and helped me even if I had no collateral whatsoever."
Applied: Oct 17th, 2009 Approved: Oct 24th, 2009 Genevieve Bells
"Going through a bankruptcy was something I had to do because there was no other choice. However, now that things where looking better for me, I couldnít get approved for any loan due to the past bankruptcy popping out every time a lender pulled my credit report. I read your claims about loans after bankruptcy and though I was a bit skeptical, I decided to join. I canít begin to help you enough for what youíve done. You helped me understand how to overcome the consequences of bankruptcy and get approved for a loan. Keep up with this excellent work, there are many people that need you."
Applied: Aug 15th, 2011 Approved: Aug 28th, 2011 Robin, SC
"I'm a busy person, I'll be honest, I needed a loan quickly, but I didn't expect much from you. Boy was I mistaken!"
Applied: Apr 15th, 2010 Approved: Apr 20th, 2010 Norma Wheeler
"Things were going slow for my business and I needed cashflow to cover some expenses. I truly am grateful, I am already recommending your services to my friends and colleagues!"
Applied: Jan 19th, 2009 Approved: Jan 24th, 2009 Pierre, NV
"With my awful credit score, no one wanted to give me a chance. No one except for you! Thank you!"
Applied: Mar 4th, 2010 Approved: Mar 11th, 2010 Harrison M.
"Yesterday I received the good news: your recommended lender approved me for the loan I needed. Thank you for helping me find it!"
Applied: Dec 21st, 2006 Approved: Dec 24th, 2006 Micky
"My loan was approved in less than three days, that's what I call an amazing service!"
Applied: Jun 16th, 2010 Approved: Jun 19th, 2010 Claudia Torres
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