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"I can't believe I'm going back to college next semester! I actually thought I was done studying for sure, now I know I'll be able to provide a better future for me and my son."
Applied: Jun 14th, 2010 Approved: Jun 20th, 2010 Christina Frances
"I hate having bad credit but the circumstances forced me to miss some payments over a long period and as a result my credit was ruined. Yet, you got me approved for a bad credit loan and now I will be able to recover my credit and improve my finances. Thank you!"
Applied: Jul 10th, 2007 Approved: Jul 16th, 2007 Helen Smith
"I needed funding to purchase a truck but it seemed as no regular lender could provide funding for that particular vehicle. I joined your site and you quickly got me approved for a motor vehicle loan that helped me afford the truck. Now I知 working with it and I値l be able to repay the loan with no difficulty."
Applied: Aug 15th, 2006 Approved: Aug 19th, 2006 Colin Fields
"I came looking for a loan within 24Hs. and that is what I got. You are great!"
Applied: Oct 21st, 2006 Approved: Oct 21st, 2005 Nicholas Reed
"Being able to study was my only goal in life, thank you for making it possible for me!"
Applied: Jun 10th, 2010 Approved: Jun 15th, 2010 Lilly C.
"Thank you guys for helping us find a home loan. The loan approval process was easy and fast. I had tried so many places before and I was beginning to feel frustrated and depressed. You where so caring and considerate, I知 so grateful, keep up with the good work! "
Applied: Oct 12th, 2003 Approved: Nov 15th, 2003 Cynthia, CA
"I want to thank you for helping me refinance my home mortgage loan. Now I can afford the monthly payments without difficulties and will soon be taking an auto loan to purchase a car to go to work. I値l use your services again soon. I really appreciate your help!"
Applied: Jun 27th, 2007 Approved: Jul 2nd, 2007 Jill Miller
"I'm so happy you could help me rebuild my credit!"
Applied: May 5th, 2011 Approved: Jun 7th, 2011 Nicole Russel
"Thank you for all the help. It was the most painless loan process that I have gone through! I will recommend your services to everyone. Thanks a lot!"
Applied: Dec 11th, 2004 Approved: Dec 16th, 2004 Linda, IL
"I completed an application for finance with one of your lenders and I got approval within 24 hours. All I had to do was get the money out of my account. Next time I知 in a rush I know who to turn to. Thank you very much!"
Applied: Apr 26th, 2003 Approved: May 5th, 2003 Steve, CA
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